June 28 – July 1

Hey everyone! Here’s a little update on our second week of the season. This week we had Bruce and Lisa Barlean, the new owners, come up as guests with a group of friends. The Hester family also joined us, and we got to celebrate their wedding anniversary with them! We also had Joel and Liu join us from Chicago. The fishing was unreal for this group, and our guides got all of our guests into fish. The weather was a little chilly on the first day – as you can see from the picture of our server Emily bundled up in as many jackets as she could find! Right off the bat Jan hooked into a 21lber which got her the queen’s chair. Lem was really into the black bass and brown bombers the whole trip- he loves fish tacos!! The next day started with a sprinkle of wet stuff from the sky but the water was like glass. The crew hit the water early in the am and captain Conan left the dock with a gut feeling that today was going to be his day. Sure enough, the fish hit early and he limited out Liu and Joel with chinook in the high 20’s! Lem decided he had enough black bass to make tacos for the year so he decided to go ahead and try salmon. He lucked out and picked up a beauty 24lber and Mark got an 18! On the 3rd day, the guys couldn’t keep the fish off! We had a total of 16 chinook hit the dock, and we also had our first ling cod of the summer come in by Joel! Mike, Ben and Jan all brought in heavy fish, including Jan’s 30lb TYEE! On Jacob’s boat Onyawn and Angela caught two 10lbers, and DJ pulled in a 32 while there was a black bear on the beach right beside them, a humpback between their boat and the beach, and eagles flying overhead. Such and amazing experience! Kristen, Lem and Bruce also had an awesome day with Jason in the “responder” and they caught a few nice high teeners. The fishing stayed hot and we had an UNREAL last day on the water! Karynn got a nice 23 with our new guide Jake Jr. and Stacie got her first salmon ever weighing in at 14lbs! Todd finally got his big fish weighing in at 20lbs! We had an awesome trip, and it was so nice to see some familiar faces and meet the Hester’s and Joel and Liu. Thank you all for coming to fish with us! Click here to see photos from this trip!