Mixed Family Group Ends With Another Tyee!!

Millar here again with a quick report from our last morning of the trip. The crew’s on many of the boats got into some nice chinook this morning. The top prize of the trip went to Jim Ribary who was fishing with Keith off of PNP, when he hooked into a behemoth, weighing in at 35 on our scale!! Jim had been going on and on about catching a Tyee this morning, and he proved that he wasn’t full of beans when he produced the big boy of the trip. Way to go Jim!!

Jim’s big boy on the scale.

Jim and Linda with a nice pile!

Beth and another big one!

Darren nailed this nice fish off of the flats.


Using his prosthetic arm that was designed for a 6 year old girl, Rick managed to haul in this beautiful 22lb slab. Unbelievable!!