Opening trip- June 21-24

Hello to all Sund’s lodge blog followers, we are back up and running!! We are all so excited to be back to fishin’ and to see you all this summer! We have mostly the same staff as last year except for a new server, Emily. We also have 2 new guides, Conan and Jake. We are excited for you to met them! ¬†We’ve kicked off the 2017 season with a great group of guys from down south in the states! The fish were biting right off the bat, and Dave Sund described our first few days of fishing as the best start to any season he can remember. This group was hosted by Williams Company, and they brought their gas and oil friends up to fish. As soon as the boats kicked off the dock the first afternoon, the lines were tight. Richard pulled in a 22 pounder, and John was close behind with a nice 20 pounder. Tyler hauled in a beauty 12 pounder, and lets not forget about Dick’s quillback that he’s going to take home for fish tacos! The next 2 days of fishing were unbelievable. Every guest caught fish on Day 2, with a monster coming off of guide Roland’s boat. Lance caught his first ever chinook, and it was the biggest we’ve seen in awhile even after he and his fishing partner slept in. Lance takes the lead in this years big fish contest with his 36 pound chinook!! John and Richard killed it again with Jacob with a couple nice nookies in the high teens, and Jason’s guys Mark and Ray also limited out! Cody pulled up a nice coho, and the guys enjoyed a night of the dice game “3 dots” and maybe a few too many celebratory shots after their fantastic day of fishing. Day 3 of fishing was also pretty hot, and Tom and Lance caught their limits, and Cody got a 20 and 25 pounder with captain Smitty! David and Chad also limited out on nookies with captain Conan. It was a good day all around. Tom and David had a great last morning with Rolly, and they managed to limit out and fill the freezer with some nice high teeners! It was a great trip, and although their were only 12 people, these guys filled the dining room with laughter and it was quite the party! Click here to see photos!