Flora Springs Winery Fish Photo’s – Saturday July 21st

The boats and guides are all set to head out on the water on this beautiful morning. Now, the only thing missing is our guests!

Tiny Dancer’s “set it, and forget it” program really worked for Richard Crossland today. He brought up this 200lb+ behemoth from the ocean floor, while anchored on Nick’s boat!

Purdy Mouth!



Hot lunch served on the water by our chef, Danny, and Burger Boat Skip, Jenna Cowan (J-Cow)!


This guy is good… and he can cook too!


Trolling on a rigger with The Emilator!

The boat greeters on the dock have a little bit of spare time before welcoming back the boats and celebrating the many fish that were caught today.

Andrew has a hard time holding up his huge 16 lb Chinook!

The guys on Captain Emily’s boat, Andrew and Marc had a great day out on the water, catching both a Chinook and a Hali each.

Geoff’s points to his crew of Chuck, Paul and Ray who did all the work bringing in this boat load of fish!

Jon Newlon and Glen stand proud behind their catches.

Matt shows off his 29 lb Chinook.

Guided by Captain Taylor, Matt and John Komes stand behind their fish. This boat brought in our fish of the day today, Matt’s 29 lber!

Lloyd and Enrique with their fish.

Along with the exciting battle with the Halibut earlier this morning, Steve and Richard from Captain Tiny’s boat are happy with the salmon they caught today!

Back at the lodge it’s time for some celebratory drinks on the deck and relaxation before dinner is served.

And some wine tasting, of course!

Nice hair, King Matt!