Salmon fishing solid as season draws near.

Welcome back to all you blog watchers as we kick off another season at Sund’s Lodge! I truly hope the winter has treated you all as well as it has me, the local blogger. Work in my field is hard to come by in the off season, so I spent many a day doing finger push-ups and curls to keep my typing hands in shape during the long winters here.

Preseason fishing by some of our guides and lodge friends has proven successful for chinook salmon and halibut.

May 2nd, Ben Jorgie Jorgenson and Geoff Millar bag a couple of mid teeners.

Guide, Emily Knox, bags this 23lb chinook, Mid May!

Big Wave Dave nabbed this 17lber off of the Big Rock in Mitchell Bay on May 30th. It was his first fish on his new rod and reel!!

T-Bone put this nice 20lb feeder into the fish hatch on his dad’s boat “Hot Reels` while fishing Bere Pt. in mid May.

Pastor Stan with a nice eating halibut!

March 16th in Mitchell Bay.

Notice Millartime’s boat and crew circling longingly looking at Roland’s fish. (Not his pants!)

Local legend, Darryl “Killar” Millar proudly holds up a fresh feeder chinook he nailed while fishing with another local legend, Roland Presseau!


As a new season approaches, its exciting to see so many nice fish rolling in. Some of our guides did a little fishing in the preseason with friends and have had good success. Good numbers of chinook ranging up to 24lbs. have been caught, and halibut as large as a 250lber caught by Jim Duddridge’s buddy, Alex, out at C&B reef! New regulations are finally in place to protect those spawning female halibut, an idea that many of us have recommended for a while now. While we can still go out and target these big fish, they must be photoed and then released on the spot. The fun of these fish is the fight and bringing one these behemoths to the boat. The sheer size, coupled with their body composed of solid muscle, makes them a powerful foe, and a real thrill to catch. Being less than thrilling as table fare, releasing one of these big fish is very rewarding to the soul!

Scott and Heather brought some of their friends up from their church in Seattle for a great time fishing and enjoying the facilities here at the lodge. What an experience it was for the kids that came, as they played around the property and enjoyed some fishing in our local waters.  The first morning some nice fish were caught, including a few chinook to 23 lbs., a 21lb halibut, and (believe it or not) a pink salmon on June 1st!

Day 2, the Sund family prepared an epic picnic lunch, which they served on the beach at Ksuiladas Island. The kids had a blast catching rockfish and small lingcod before lunch. -More pictures should be coming soon.-

Danny with a 12lb Chinook, and Soren with a 21lb. Halibut!


Moro slugs back some delicious crab butter!

Moro enjoying the aftertaste of crab butter!


Strapped in for safe sleeping, June 2nd!

After Scott and Heather’s friends headed home, old friends of the lodge arrived to spend a few days fishing and working around the property.  Barnyard (or Junior) Knibbs was back again this year, and what a pleasure it was to celebrate his 80th birthday, with his son Russ, and Russ’ wife Lorraine, who flew in from southern California to spend a few days with us.  Sally Sund and Asher Sund also arrived to celebrate with us.  After a great dinner the first night, what better idea than fishing the next morning early.  The salmon didn’t disappoint, as the early bite was happening this morning.  After Russ and Lorraine both landed mid twenties chinook, it was Sally and Asher’s turn.  They decided to make things exciting by hooking into a doubleheader of teeners!  Four chinook ranging from 14 to 24lbs. to the boat within an hour. It’s only June 4th!

A father-daughter combo doubleheader!

June 4th Quattro Chinooko!

Father and son celebrate Bernie’s(Junior) 80th at the lodge. You don’t look a day over 79 1/2 Bernie!!

In other news, Jimmy “McCrackken” McDowell has done a great job getting the property ready for the season. The facilities are in great shape, and the grounds are parklike in appearance. More photos will be posted as they become available.

Asher Sund, Dave Sund’s son, working like a dog. Just like the old days!


!Breaking news!

 On June 5th, the 3 largest chinook of our season were caught today! Emily fought rough seas and weeds and took her “guest out to the north shore of Malcolm, where she put him into a limit of chinook. The fish weighed in at 28 and 24lbs on our scale! After lunch she ran a tour through the islands and over to Alert Bay for a visit. Needing some more practice running our boats in the wind, she went out by herself to troll in front of the lodge. She only had her anchovy down for a minute before it slammed off the rigger and she was fighting a large salmon. She fought it and landed it by herself in front of the lodge. It weighed in at 25lbs!

28 and 24lbers for this lucky fella!

25lber caught a minute from the dock!

Nice slabs.

Let`s get excited people! This summer is looking to be an awesome fishing year!!