The Dining

A personally catered atmosphere

Sund’s Lodge is renowned around the world for the great fishing, exquisite dining, and service that cannot be matched.

The cuisine at Sund’s Lodge is truly the finest you will find north of Vancouver. Every meal overwhelms senses of taste, smell, and sight. Our chefs serve superb 5-course dinners and great tasting breakfast and lunches to make the mouth water. We make every attempt to promote local food suppliers that promote ecologically safe and sustainable procedures so that no shortcuts are taken to give you a truly local taste of British Columbia.

And of course, a glass of great wine makes the experience that much more sublime.

We are the only fishing lodge on the British Columbia coast that pairs each meal with great vintages of Napa Valley and other North American wine at no extra charge. Every off season we hand select a few great partner wineries, so that you always know you’re getting carefully chosen wines from around North America that will complement your cuisine perfectly.

The Beach Bistro

Although the 5-course dinners are the highlight of the dining experience, no experience is more beloved at Sund’s Lodge than the Sund’s tradition of the Beach Bistro. After a morning out fishing, you will meet our chef and service team on an uninhabited island at the Beach Bistro. A gourmet lunch of fresh boiled crabs, fine wine, and other delicacies is enhanced by the setting of beautiful British Columbia landscape. This is truly a dining experience like you’ve never had before, and likely will never forget.

“This is one of the best vacations we’ve ever had. The treatment from the staff, the food and the fishing, made this an experience we will cherish forever.”