Let us be your personal guides for a once in a lifetime fishing experience.

Sund’s Lodge is located in a prime location on the northern part of the Inside Passage of Vancouver Island where Pacific salmon are abundant. We fish for all 5 species of salmon, all within minutes of the dock. The calm, protected waters of Blackfish Sound offer one of the most abundant fishing areas on the British Columbia coast. After battling a Chinook salmon in the 20-40 pound class, we can limit out on 12-16 pound Coho or beautifully fighting Chum, Sockeye, and Pink Salmon.


Fish Processing

One of the great treats of your trip to Sund’s Lodge will be the permanent memories you take home with you and some fresh fish, if you so desire. Every day after your fishing session, we’ll take pictures of your fish and weigh in your salmon or halibut for bragging rights. Then, as you head to the hot tub or for a walk around the property, our team will cut and filet your fish, piece into smaller chunks, wash with fresh water and vacuum pack.

Upon departure from Sund’s Lodge, we’ll load all the fish you caught into a waxed box for the ride home. You won’t have to lift a finger until you get back to your home destination. Your fish boxes can be checked as luggage on your commercial flights. And the frozen fish serve as insulators in the waxed box and the fish are kept safe as they travel around the world. Last summer we shipped fish to France, Norway and even Bahrain! All of your fish processing and packaging are included in your price so you’ll be sure to have a box of fish to take home to your family and friends.

Fishing Policy & Limits

Guests can either release or catch and harvest their fish within British Columbia tidal water limits. All of your guides will brief you on catch limits when you arrive. Be sure to visit the current British Columbia regulations guide.


Caring For Your Fish

Once you get home, your fish can go directly into the freezer. A couple of things to remember as you freeze your salmon. First of all, check to make sure the vacuum pack seal is intact. If the seal has broken, there will be air inside the bag. If the seal of your packed fish is broken and the fish is still frozen, go ahead and put the fish in the freezer but try and use this fish in the next few weeks. If the seal has broken and the fish has thawed a bit, put the fish into the fridge and cook in the next few days.

Don’t worry, it was frozen when it left the lodge so basically you have an early start on the defrosting period. But if your vacuum-packed bag of fish is sealed correctly as most of your fish will be, your fish can go into the freezer. They keep in a freezer for up to two years. Just take a look from time to time to make sure the seal hasn’t broken and ice has formed inside the bag. When ready to prepare the fish, cut the bag off the fish and rinse the fish with fresh water and pat dry. Let fish thaw on a cookie sheet in your fridge.

Spend time daily, fishing for the bounty of the Inside Passage bottom fish: Halibut

After a calm morning trolling for salmon, your guide will rig up your jigging rods and lead you to one of our bountiful spots for pacific Halibut. The strength, tussle, and delicious flavor of these bottom dwellers make them a must catch for any fishing angler visiting Sund’s Lodge.