The Flora Springs Winery Trip.

Flora Springs Winery brought their distributors from around the States to Sund’s again this year, and what a fun time it was. Great weather, good salmon fishing, and several big halibut made for an exciting trip this time around!

Tyee Taylor Logan put his guests onto some large salmon, including a couple of trophy class chinook, while Tiny Dancer and I had guests hook into larger than normal halibut, with a 200+er being boated by Richard on Tiny’s boat! All boats had nice action on chinook, coho, pink and smaller halibut as well. Day 2 had Matt land a 29lber with Taylor, while the big halibut was landed out at C&B reef. The dock was loaded with nice chinook, coho, and halibut by days end, after a great bite at the Bluff.

Day 3 started out strong on Emily’s boat. She put Jon and Ray into a bunch of salmon and a 23lb halibut, including their double header of chinook early on! Enrique caught a slab with Taylor at black bluff, a 33lb Tyee, amongst all the teeners and preteeners. After lunch at the Wall, Matt had his chance at maybe the largest to date this year. They fought it for a long while before it eventually fell off! What a bummer. With so many smaller chinook around, I’m amazed at how Taylor has managed to find a few larger fish, but also produce big numbers as well. Add the fact that guests and coworkers really like him, and you could say he is doing an amazing job!

The Beach Bistro was, in my opinion, the best of the year! The crew was so organized, and nice weather and favourable tides helped to making a quick yet enjoyable lunch.

In the afternoon I tried something different with Steve and Andrew for halibut. Steve really wanted to take home a hali, but had struck out so far. He was with Richard on day 2 when he caught the big one with The Dancer, but didn’t get a chance. We had lighter than normal rigs, but Im not gonna reveal my secret here. Steve hooked into an 80lber and Andrew, one even larger, on the other side. The big one came almost all the way to the boat before making a strong run back to the bottom. The line snapped mid-run, because we were using lighter than normal gear. Nevertheless, it was a really big fish! Steve finally got his take home halibut, minutes from the end, a 17lber, which was perfect.

Check out this video: Steve Slater’s 80lber!

I’ll have more video soon.



We all enjoyed having you guys here again this year, and I truly hope to see you all again next year. Thanks for coming!!