Trip comes to a close with some great fishing!

Hey it`s Millartime here, again. Day 3 of our mixed group saw buddies Hal Carper and Benny Maresca depart on a floatplane in the afternoon. We enjoyed having these great guys here, and look forward to seeing them again next year. They enjoyed the beach bistro with everyone else and some halibut fishing before taking off. The rest of the group stayed on and fished salmon and halibut, but blustery winds made it a bit challenging later in the day.

A good number of fish were taken yesterday. Some good fishing off of Donegal in the morning put almost everyone into at least one good salmon each. Bottom fishing was more sporadic, though. We lucked out on my boat and found a nice patch of chickens up to 26lbs. and a good lingcod, too. My guys hooked up on a tripleheader which was a lot of fun! Several other halibut were brought in on the other boats, so by days end we had a decent pile of fish to clean.

This morning was a great catching outing, that had many of our guests fill their trip limit on chinook! A good steady bite was on from first light, right until the last line was pulled!


Keith Richard S had a heck of a morning with these guys from SouCal!

Jeff caught his limit this morning with Cpt. Fish On John!

The artist who took this photo wanted a different angle to portray this great pile of fish that Cydi and Jack SpAracio, Victor Reddick, and Sally Sund caught on T-bone’s boat today!

Greg gets another one!

Benn took the big fish chair again, with this 20lber!