Windy days are here!

Hey it’s Millartime again. This group has been a fun one. Though winds have been rather annoying, they didn’t interfere with our burger boat or beach bistro, which allowed us to spend 2 long days on the water. This was to make up for missing the first afternoon on the water. Fishing was decent at times, with some long slow spells in between. Fish have been finicky, and many are hitting light, and barely getting hooked. The result has been a lot of lost fish. A 27lb chinook caught by Nate Lucas is the big salmon of the trip so far, but it seems like at least a couple more that got away were larger. Isn’t that always the case though? The big one was caught on a double header with his dad at Cracroft on my boat yesterday! The hot boats today were Keith’s and Jim’s this morning, early. Pictures are coming.

Sharon Pyle’s son Tyler and his fiancée, Laura, arrived at noon today, and I, along with Sharon and Tom, picked them up at the lodge after the Bistro. We headed to Cracroft, and after a quick lesson on the tackle, we hooked into a big chinook on the first pass. Laura put her lesson into practice and did an amazing job fighting it, even when my favourite seal friend took our fish again! I told her to work hard on the seal while I chased him down, and she did an incredible job. Just as we seemed to be winning, the fish broke off the leader in a pile of kelp. Too bad, but an exciting start to their trip!!

With an hour left a few of us headed toTaylor’s new halibut hole, and did a drift with no action. It was time to go, but we unanimously decided on a last drift and called in late to the dock. That decision really paid off for teamSaskatchewanonTaylor’s boat. Knowing his spot better than the rest of us, he expertly guided them into 3 halibut in a matter of minutes, the last one being the largest of the trip, Bill’s 31lber! We were right beside them, and feeling slightly frustrated when it was time to leave. Just as we were picking up, Tom hooked into a nice 19lb halibut which fought like crazy. As we headed in we all saw Humpback whales breaching near Swanson Island. Let’s pray for calm seas tomorrow, this wind is beginning to get tiring!

Sharon enjoys some delicious crab butter at today’s beach bistro

Another successful bistro today with some great friends!

Melissa holds out her huge 16lb Chinook caught this morning on Captain Geoff’s boat.

The rest of Captain Geoff’s Crew with their catches.

Guide Taylor and Bill pose with the Halibut of the trip caught today. A dandy 31lber!

Our Saskie Boys show us their Butts!

Ting and David, guided today by Captain Keith, hold up their 17lb and 10lb Chinooks, and David’s 9lb Coho.

Queen Ting made it in to The Big Fish Chair tonight with her beautiful 17lb Chinook!